The group has 4 business branches

The Group has one of the largest factories in South America for the civil construction segment. There are approximately 30,000 meters of useful area for manufacturing and stocking raw materials and products.

Menmaq Branch

In Jaraguá do Sul, Santa Catarina, its head office and administrative headquarters are responsible for assembling and painting mixers and the famous concrete mixers, a leading national sales product.

Mentec Branch

Also in Jaraguá do Sul, Santa Catarina, is the distribution unit, which stands out for its agility in delivering Menegotti products throughout the country.

Menfer Branch

In Corupá, Santa Catarina, a steel processing unit, where the manufacture of products begins, with sheet and tube laser cutting machines, presses, guillotines, welding, among other processes.

Menegotti North América (MNA)

In Georgia, Atlanta, the Group's branch in the United States, responsible for selling products and service to North America.