The success of the Menegotti Group depends on the acquisition of people.

These are that make it all happen. In our workforce, we have about 80% men and 20% women. As for leaders, the proportion remains the same, 20% are women.

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Diversity guidance and the promotion of inclusive environments are ethical principles at Grupo Menegotti. For over 30 years, Menegotti has had practices aimed at social inclusion, such as hiring people with disabilities (PCD) or people with sex, gender identity , creed or race.

People of other nationalities can also participate in the selection process, both for vacancies in the Menegotti Group for the units in Brazil and for the unit in the United States.

For those with hearing impairment, the company provides interpreters, as well as well-being employees for communication between all PCDs.

The climate survey tool is an important tool to assess human behavior within organizations. Through it, we evaluate teamwork processes, leadership, communication environment, physical structure and other variables that affect attitudes and conduct, productivity and employee satisfaction.

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We highlight some initiatives carried out by the company in relation to the Management Model.

  • Internal Recruitment – the internal selection process is highly valued and is one of the ways to grow professionally at Grupo Menegotti.
  • Training and Development – The company has an annual training program, focused on the qualification demands of its services and its employees.
  • Prolim – Career – Prolim is a training program that aims to enable leaders to succeed in people management.
Quality Sector - Menmaq Unit
Quality Sector - Menmaq Unit
  • Talents Program – training tool that aims to train challenges for new talents, who may be able to train the culture and company with important knowledge for the Y career.
  • Education Investments – Menegotti invests in the qualification and training of its professionals, through an agreement for the conclusion of elementary and high school and scholarships for technical, undergraduate, postgraduate and language courses.
  • CMO – Labor Certification – The certification of employees has as main objective the constant search for the development of knowledge and ability of employees to maintain the quality standard of Menegotti products.
  • Youth Incentive Programs – Internship, Apprentice and Trainee: with the objective of promoting student development by putting into practice the acquired knowledge, experiencing the reality of a company, consolidating its formation and contributing to the future of the new generation.
MenLAB - Menegotti Innovation Lab.
MenLAB - Menegotti Innovation Lab.
PCD employee, Industrial area - Menmaq Unit
PCD employee, Industrial area - Menmaq Unit
  • Inclusion: For over 35 years Menegotti has practices the inclusion and integration of people with disabilities. Concerning for the legal, social and psychological aspects of those involved in the process.
  • Emergency Brigade – is a trained team that receives constant technical training to be a group prepared in the face of any emergency, accident, APH and is formed by company employees who participate in the actions to combat Emergencies promoted by the organization. The Emergency Brigade is responsible for coordinating the evacuation of the building in case of fires and other accidents.

She is also responsible for preventive actions, such as checking fire extinguishers, emergency exits and the like. One of the main functions of the Emergency Brigade is the training of the entire company in cases of evacuation, thus, together with SESMT, CIPA, it must always promote simulated emergencies and evacuation for well-being, health and better quality of life. of the workers.

Welding Light Mixers - Menmaq Unit
Welding Light Mixers - Menmaq Unit