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Discover some of the many benefits and facilities that you will be able to enjoy as an employee of the Menegotti Group.

In addition to a health and dental plan, the Menegotti Group has several partnerships with educational institutions and local businesses to benefit all its employees and their dependents in the form of discounts, facilitating their access to purchases and personal and professional development.

Get to know each of them.


  • Health Plan, 30% subsidized by the company and Dental Plan;
  • Partnerships with Therapy and Aesthetics Clinics. Ophthalmological Office and Specialized Clinics.


  • School Assistance with Scholarships for Technical, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses, such as partnerships with educational institutions for courses with monthly fees;
  • Utilcard that facilitates purchases at markets, pharmacies and gas stations;
  • Free personal development to public personnel in relation to development, as well as, we signal as new professional opportunities for the intern that is already there;
  • During the year, the company organizes several programs in order to raise awareness among the team regarding important issues, such as safety at work/food care/importance of the physical, as well as helping others through the Volunteer Program – food donation , clothing, planting trees, helping to stop smoking, among others;
  • We have the Ideas Program – in which employees contribute with good suggestions and are rewarded;
  • Eagle Program – With the principles of 5S, the tests are carried out monthly, the organization and well-being of the employees;
  • Celebration of Good Results for the Quarter, with events with dynamic events, gifts, differentiated and themed meals – June party, Christmas lunch, popcorn, others;


  • We provide transportation for travel to the Corupá unit;
  • We provide a meal in our own cafeteria;
  • For productive areas uniform use it is mandatory and it is specified by the company;
  • All employees undergo integration to learn more about the culture and values of the Menegotti Group. On this occasion, we deliver a welcome toast;
  • We have flexible schedule for the administrative area;
  • We distribute annual bonuses for achieving goals – compatible with 1 employee salary (14th Salary).


  • In the units we have living areas, which are rest areas to be used during break times;
  • We have a recreational facility, SER Menegotti, for sports and social gatherings, with different values ​​for use by employees and their families. Reservations from R$ 50.00 per use;
  • Annually, Recreativa organizes events such as: Truco Tournaments, Bocce, Football, Volleyball, Fishing, among others;
  • Anniversary for length of service – Grupo Menegotti recognizes employees for length of service provided to the company. The honorees are recognized every 5 years through a souvenir that is delivered in a festive ceremony in the month of May;
  • Gifts on special commemorative dates – On some special and commemorative dates throughout the year – Eg Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Men’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, actions are carried out aimed at employees and, on some occasions, these are extended to family members.

Menegotti Group in numbers.

  • 350 employees;
  • 50% of employees with more than 5 years of experience;
  • 80% of the company’s leaders are the employees who were developed to assume the position;
  • 20% of these leaders are women;
  • 50% of our workforce is over 35 years old;
  • 85% of company employees recommend the company to work for;
  • 4 units: 2 in Jaraguá do Sul, 1 in Corupá and 1 in the United States;
  • Present in more than 40 countries;
  • In the last 2 years, it has doubled in size, reaching the biggest result in its history.