Menegotti Group adopts collective vacation against Covid-19

The Menegotti Group, attentive to the advancement of the new Coronavirus, is adopting special measures to prevent Covid-19. Due to this decision, it has just been confirmed that, starting next Monday, March 23th, all its units will be on collective vacation. In the Casting & Machining, Equipments and Steel Processing plants, the work will be interrupted for 14 days. The plant installed in the USA (Menegotti North America) will follow the same procedure.

In the past few days, the Group had already implemented preventive measures to contain the disease. Employees over 60 years as well as young apprentices had its activities suspended. It is important to add that this interruption will not cause the young apprentices any loss on their government assistance program during the period of interruption.

In addition, employees dependent on public transport, affected by its non-circulation, were released from their duties. Those collaborators who returned from recent trips continued to work in an home office regime. External meetings and events, as well as business trips, were canceled.

In the company restaurant, the workers were separated into scheduled meal shifts, and the amount of available chairs was reduced by 50%, as a measure to avoid crowds.

A temperature control at the entrance of each unit was also implemented in the entire Menegotti Group, thus checking employees’ health conditions frequently. Ambulatory care, in turn, continued to function normally. However, professionals avoided any physical contact with their patients, as well as wearing masks and doing hand hygiene was a continuous procedure.

Other measures included the temporary closing of the reception desk, all recreative areas. The purchase of notebooks to support those on home office regime was also implemented.

Although the working force has been reduced by 20% on the 3-shift operation last week, there are no planned dismissals.